We are partners

Your vision is simple. It has a strong societal focus. You are thinking in terms of the community and environment rather than purely financial gain. You are not alone.

Our support is financial but not only. This includes:

  • Capital financing with the possibility of convertible subordinated loans from € 50.000 and up to € 400.000
  • Minority participation in capital and active presence on the board of directors
  • Strategic support for the entrepreneur in the accomplishment of their social mission and the financial viability of their project
  • Access to the services offered by the Credal Group and its ecosystem.

Who do we support?


Creating access to new products and services with a positive impact through fair pricing or availability and ensuring that disadvantaged communities are included from the start.

Transformation of business model

Focus on companies that place their social mission at the heart of their strategy and adapt their governance and relations with their stakeholders accordingly.

Ecological transition

Activities that contribute to creating positive environmental impacts through entrepreneurial solutions, including circular approaches and the design of products and processes that minimize negative environmental impact.

Social innovation

Focused on disruptive and innovative entrepreneurial approaches that provide a new response to unresolved social and environmental issues or to unmet demand.

What sort of social entreprises are we looking for?

We support innovative social enterprises for which:

  • Positive social impact is an integral part of the business model and governance
  • The financial viability is attainable
  • The product or service exists and is being marketed or is already in the growth phase 
  • The potential for growth can be seen 
  • A possibility of exit after a time horizon of about 6 years is possible.