You are not alone

Your vision is simple. It has a strong societal focus. You are thinking in terms of the community and environment rather than purely financial gain. You are not alone.

Primarily, our support is financial. This includes:

  • Capital financing with the possibility of convertible subordinated loans from € 50.000 and up to € 400.000
  • Minority participation in capital and active presence on the board of directors
  • Strategic support for the entrepreneur in the accomplishment of their social mission and the financial viability of their project
  • Access to the services offered by the Credal Group and its ecosystem.

Who do we support?


  • Housing
  • Health
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Ageing

Social mobility

  • Socio-professional integration

Responsible production and consumption

  • Energy transition
  • Sustainable food
  • Circular economy

Social and managerial innovation

  • Citizen projects
  • Workers’ buy-out

What sort of social entreprises are we looking for?

We support innovative social enterprises for which:

  • Positive social impact is an integral part of the business model and governance
  • The financial viability is attainable
  • The product or service exists and is being marketed or is already in the growth phase 
  • The potential for growth can be seen 
  • A possibility of exit after a time horizon of about 6 years is possible.